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3D model with animation not showing

3D model with animation not showing

So i have a 3D model with an animation and it doesn't show up. If i use wikitude car animation example it works without problems.

In Wikitude 3D encoder both files show up the same and animation works inside them so i have no idea what could be the problem.

Here is my 3D model with animation:


On which device are you encountering this problem?

I tested your wt3 on iOS where it renders fine after adjusting the scale to something like 

scale: {

x: 0.005,

y: 0.005,

z: 0.005


Nope, it doesn't work for me. I tried different scale values but it doesn't show up.

I am using 3D model snap to screen example and simple model without animation does work but when i use this one it doesn't show up.

It's weird i don't know what else could go wrong?

So changing the scale let appear the model appear in the 3dmodelontarget.js example?

In which line of the snaptoscreen.js are you setting the scale value? 
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