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3D tracking

3D tracking

After some read about 3D tracking beta, I'm a bit confusing.

In some place I read we have all functionality available with trial license, in other place it said that you have to fill a form to try 3D tracking functionality,

Other places said that 3D tracking is only available in native API while other said that is avaiable in both Native and Javascript API

Can you please clarify it?

What I want to achive is the next, I want to save a 3Dmap, load it and display a 3D model over the recognized environment, can I achive this? if so, what API should I use?

Kind regards,


Hi Victor,

The 3D tracking beta was publicly available. We have now gathered feedback from our developer community in the past weeks and worked on an updated version of our small-scale 3D tracking solution which now is available upon requesting a key - so the beta is now a Closed Beta. Please check the 3D tracking feature page to request a trial key.

It's still only available in the Native API - can you please point out where you read that it's also available in the JS API, so we can fix the wording.


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