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IOS Close The AR.context.openInBrowser from HTML Page

IOS Close The AR.context.openInBrowser from HTML Page

Not sure if I got the issue.

You implemented an authentication page and want to go back to AR-screen right afterwards?
I recommend you to implement authentication directly in AR experience (e.g. via SSO API) instead or validate credentials in a form in the AR context / activity / screen.

That way you can reuse your implementation and avoid changing between native and in-app WebView which may cause issues when validating session.

Best regards


I have create a simple function into index.html page.
When the page load open my website login




            <script type="text/javascript">
                function load(){


<body onload="load()">



All works fine but i want close the AR browser from onclick event in my webpage(i won't to use Done standard button).

<a onclick="CloseAr.context.openInBrowser()">Example</a>

but i can't find a valid solution.

Can you help me?
I can't use safari or chrome because if i login in external app my wikitude example doesn't login

Sorry for my bad English
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