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Show a Waiting drawable

Show a Waiting drawable
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Hello everybody,

I'm trying to display a waiting image or other drawable while system is loading .

Here's my code for the waiting resource:

var waitingesource = new AR.ImageResource("assets/waiting.png");
var waitingOptions = self.getPosition(); // create an optinos object with offsets and anchors
self.waiting = new AR.ImageDrawable(waitingesource, self.position.height , waitingOptions);


Here is my code for the original resource :

var image = new AR.ImageResource(imageUrl,{onLoaded : function(){self.waiting.enabled = false;self.waiting.opacity = 0.0;}});
self.overlay = new AR.ImageDrawable(image, self.position.height , options)


and I return both objects :



The problem is not that the waiting is not showing , but the problem is that the waiting not desapear on loaded !

I tried zOrder, switching placing in returning array. And on some imagedrawable all goes right !

Is there a mistake on my code?

I know that could be quite hard to implement but I think it could be a good new feature for a next version :)

Thanks by advance
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