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unable to reference WikitudeUnityPlugin.dll precompiled classes

unable to reference WikitudeUnityPlugin.dll precompiled classes
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Dear wikitude, 

your unity plugin contains some prefabs (WikitudeCamera, ClientTracker and CloudTracker) that somebody can drag n' drop inside the scene hierarchy, configure them and create an AR app. Though, due to some very specific design requirements, I can't simply drag and drop your prefabs into my scene. I have to create a wikitude scene hierarchy from scratch - manually. To be more descriptive my plan is to create multiple empty game objects, rename them (following your naming conventions), add to them the required components, do some parenting and at the end my scene should look exactly as if I had used wikitude prefabs.

The problem is that when I try to add wikitude's scripts to my empty gameObjects (by using the AddComponent<AWikitudeScriptExample>), I get some "NullReferenceException".

For example when I try to AddComponent<WikitudeCamera> to an empty gameObject: 

- on the inspector I can see that the "WikitudeCamera" script has been successfully added as component to my empty gameObject, but it's not enabled

- a random gameObject (with name "TrackerManager") appears on my scene hierarchy. This TrackerManager contains an ITrackerManager as component. 

and then I get the exception:


NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Wikitude.ITrackerManager.RegisterTrackerBehaviour (Wikitude.ITrackerBehaviour tracker)


It appears that it can not reference the precompiled class "ITrackerBehaviour" which belongs to the "WikitudeUnityPlugin.dll" (under the "Dependencies" folder). Similar problems appear when I try to the rest of the precompiled classes contained in WikitudeUnityPlugin.dll. 


Do you have any idea on how this can be solved?

Thanks in advance!!
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