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3D encoder no colour

3D encoder no colour

hello i open a fbx file in the 3D encoder pute all models i opened are without colour in the enconder only.

the stracture is there but with out colour

Gray is the default material used if no material is specified for the nodes in the fbx file.

Are there any warnings/errors displayed after opening the fbx file?

Which version of the Wikitude3dEncoder are you using?

no errors or warnings are displayed , the 3D enconder version 1.2 42
i downloaded it today from your site

no doesnt work same problem can you attach a fbx file that works so i can try it
if possible not the red car because it is the only one that works fine

Can you provide more information about your model?

Which modeling tool did you use? Which material properties/textures are specified?

Did you visualize your model with other viewers? If so, which viewers showed your model correctly? 
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