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Cardboard tools SDK

Cardboard tools SDK

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Do there exist tools in the SDK to build applications with the CardBoard?

- Alexis

A cardboard compatible SDK is not yet available. No current fixed plans to provide that in the near future, but you never know. Can you let us know more about your use-case?


Hi there,

I'm trying something similar and after I've seen the Zeis VR One AR-app which projects 3d models on a cube with only one camera I figured, that it should be possible to write video-see-through VR-Apps with wikitude.

I know that the single video camera can not create a real 3d environment, but for a first try this should not be too limiting.





P.S. My usecase would be an app where an object is burning, causing the whole room to be full of smoke (which of course doesn't work in "mobile-see-through-mode").
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