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Organize a project

Organize a project


I wanted to ask an opinion for how to organize the project.

I have to find out a shelf inside a store.

1) What is the best way to photograph the target?

2) Take the photo of the target up close or from a distance?

3) If I take a picture to a particular part of shelf , what is the distance of detection ?


Thanks for the answers.


Thx for reaching out. I'm not sure whether i completely understand the use case. The sdk mainly provides possibility to discover and track known 2d reference objects (pictures, book covers, magazine pages) in the view of the cameras phone. However in your case the object would be the picture of a 3d scene. As this is not the primary use case for these features it might not work satisfactory. What you could try though is that you take several pictures of your scene from different viewpoints to detect and use the sdk to only recognize those instances without tracking it.

Hope that helps,

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