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How to load .wtm file

How to load .wtm file

I have the same problem

Hi All,

Im using the External Rendering example from the Android Native 1.1 SDK. It works for the magazine example( as I get a box around around the surfer dude and an Android Toast message I added. When i replace the following line:

ClientTracker tracker = mWikitudeSdk.getTrackerManager().create2dClientTracker("file:///android_asset/");


ClientTracker tracker = mWikitudeSdk.getTrackerManager().create3dClientTracker("file:///android_asset/testcv.wtm");


on a pointcloud I created with the sample recorder (TrackingMapRecorderActivity) i can't get it to track or notify.

Both and testcv.wtm are in my assets folder


I need to know whether my point cloud is really bad or that something else is going wrong... 


Thanks in advance!
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