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How to load .wtm file

How to load .wtm file

Hi All,

Im using the External Rendering example from the Android Native 1.1 SDK. It works for the magazine example( as I get a box around around the surfer dude and an Android Toast message I added. When i replace the following line:

ClientTracker tracker = mWikitudeSdk.getTrackerManager().create2dClientTracker("file:///android_asset/");


ClientTracker tracker = mWikitudeSdk.getTrackerManager().create3dClientTracker("file:///android_asset/testcv.wtm");


on a pointcloud I created with the sample recorder (TrackingMapRecorderActivity) i can't get it to track or notify.

Both and testcv.wtm are in my assets folder


I need to know whether my point cloud is really bad or that something else is going wrong... 


Thanks in advance!

I have the same problem
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