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Calling native activity from javascript

Calling native activity from javascript

In my architect world i am implementing a button which is actually an image drawable which only appers when a target is recognized. What i want is that, when i click the button it opens another native android activity. Using thr poidetails sample in the sample app i tried it and implemented document.location="architectsdk://..." url and the button itselfs work fine when i simply display this url using alert, I have registered a urllistener, as specified in documentation, in native activity. However, when i click the button it doesnot do anything and the android log shows the warning:

06-18 07:35:39.699: W/BindingManager(2501): Cannot call determinedVisibility() - never saw a connection for the pid: 2501

Does it has to do anything with adding jquery files in my index.html???


Please help i am stuck :/

Please have a look at "" and the implementation of "getUrlListener". You basically need to do the same as in the Native-Detail-Screen-Sample.

Best regards
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