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Recognizing markers from a distance

Recognizing markers from a distance

Hello everyone,

we are currently evaluating Wikitude. One requirement of our application is to be able to recognize markers from longer distances (ca. 5 meters). With the demo application from the SDK I am able to track the surfer image from about 2,5 meters. When using a QR-code (3 Stars in target manager) the maximal recognition distance seems to decrease slighhtly.

Are there any recommendations to improve the tracking distance? Maybe there is a threshold that I can tweak somewhere or you have an idea which other iamges I could try?

Thanks for your help!

Kind regards,


I would like to submit to this post as well since I have the same issue. I attached the marker which I would like to use. It is 500x500 px image printed on A4 paper. I replaced the "3d Model on Taret" example to use this marker but unfortunately recognition fails on distances above 100cm, although the marker has a 3 star rating in the Target Manager. 

Since Wikitude adverts 20m tracking ability, I would like to know how one can achieve this.

Thx for any help





Recognition and tracking are 2 different things - for recognition the target image should fill at least around 1/4 of the camera view to be recognized. Then you can move further away. depending on the quality of the image you move further or less further away.


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