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OpenSSL Vulnerability in Wikitude SDK 4.x

OpenSSL Vulnerability in Wikitude SDK 4.x


I downloaded the Wikitude SDK 4.0 for Android for my app development.

When I upload to Google Pkay, it rejected my app with the following error (Refer to google-play-reject.png)

Based on the release notes, SDK 4.x should have already fixed the OpenSSL vulnerability.

I have also attached the results after running the following command line: $ unzip -p YourApp.apk | strings | grep "OpenSSL"

Would appreciate if anyone could assist me urgently as the app needs to go out to the Google Play soon.

Hi Judy,

You can find the last stable SDK 4 release on our dev channel release page - It's version 4.1. But also version 4.0 should have the correct OpenSSL support already. Please update and try to submit again



Hi Nicola,

We updated to Wikitude SDK 4.1.1 and uploaded the apk to Google Play successfully.

Thank you.
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