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additional parameters in AO.Model.OnError -Eventhandler

additional parameters in AO.Model.OnError -Eventhandler


Are there additional parameters available in AO.Model.OnError -Eventhandler to show in the error message?

Please see javascript code fragment below.

this.modelCar = new AR.Model( imageresfile, {


 onError: function() {               
                var str = "";
                if (World.modelCar != null){
                    str = str + World.modelCar.uri + "; ";
                HandleError( "loadingMessage", "Error loading: ", str);

Thank you


Hi there!

As written in de JS References the onError allback my contain textual information of the error that occurred.
You can therefore update your function in the following way
onError: function(errorMessage) ...

Note that the message is for development purpouse and nothing to communicate to the end-user directly. I recommend to check errorMessage for debugging purpouse and map the error tet to an end-user friendly message, e.g. if you see that e.g. "connction timeout" - error message is passed over but tell the user "It seems as if your Internet connection is too slow".
Also note that these error messages may change in upcoming SDK versions.

Best regards,


Hi there!

AR.Model throws an error while using my wt3 files  but errorMessage == null.
What could be the reason. Please find my fbx files and wt3 files attached as


        //var imageresfile = "assets/wt-caranimated.wt3"; // WT file Ok
        //var imageresfile = "assets/wt-earth.wt3"; // WT file Ok
        //var imageresfile = "assets/wt-jupiter.wt3"; // WT file Ok
        //var imageresfile = "assets/wt-mars.wt3"; // WT file Ok

        //var imageresfile = "assets/BL-Cube.wt3"; //Blender  cube failed
        var imageresfile = "assets/VS15-teapot.wt3"; //VS 2015 teapot failed

I tested the teapot 3d model: it loads without errors and is displayed in black color (which is correct since the scene does not contain a light source). 

I have not seen your AR world (JS code), so I can only give some general advice:
1. Make sure to reference the wt3 file correctly, that is, check the path you are loading, and
2. to include the file into the XCode project (for iOS), such that the file is copied as a resource file into the app.

Hope that helps.

Hi Roland

Please find further details of my test AR experience test structure under

I can not find the error why my VS15-teapot.wt3 sample is not loading. The default Wikitude samples such as wt-caranimated.wt3 or wt-earth.wt3 works fine with the same javascript but VS15-teapot.wt3 does not.


I think the problem is not, that the 3d model is not loading, but that the JS script contains errors, which aborts the execution before it even starts loading the 3d model.

Did you try to debug your world in a JS/Web debugger (e.g. Safari or Chrome)?

Did you place alert() messages for making sure that JS interpreter reaches the JS part loading the 3d model?


The Augmented Reality Wikitude Component in Xamarin / Visual Studio 2015 is release 4.1.2 therefore Wikitude 3D Encoder 1.0 needs to be used to create wt3 files.

Found in: version of the Wikitude3dEncoder

Thank you again
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