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ios 9 upgrade problem

ios 9 upgrade problem

The lastest SDK has an API to suppress the standard dialog and instead receive those information through a new WTArchitectView delegate method. This is also available for the Cordova plugin.

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After upgrading my application to i0S v9, my architect world is freaking out. The compass appears for a split second ever 3/4 seconds, and then the application receives a memory warning and sometimes crashes.

I have my architect world embeded in a parent view, and the parent view is presented modally. When I removed the parent view and did a "Show (eg Push)" segue (instead of the modal segue) the problem went away. 

(the above is wrong, it happens regardless of the parent view and segue situation)

Hello, I have the same problem. The gauge appears for two seconds and removed. And after all are failures . It is sometimes stabilized, but when I close a popup in the application crash too .

I tried implementing test POIS app is in your page and markers do not appear.

Obviously , it does not work well with IOS9 , and is a pain when you have paid for the license .


Also seeing this problem. Pretty surprised and disappointed that Wikitude will not offer an immediate fix for this problem as it appears in the sample apps as well. Relying on the developer to build a sample app isn't necessary.

I'm seeing this behavior on the Cordova Plugin, but it is the exact same behavior described above. iOS9 support isn't an option, it's a mandatory. 

The Wikitude Architect SDK for iOS is a simply UIView subclass, so I can't explain the behaviour without more information about the overall setup. If you build a demo project which demonstrates the behaviour, I could have a detailed look at it and see If we can change the Wikitude SDK behaviour.

You can send the project to

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