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Phonegap custom plugin with third party library project

Phonegap custom plugin with third party library project

I have third party android project (working in native android). Now I want to use that native project in my cordova plugin. I've read some articles and samples for developing custom plugin. But I still not clear how to call native android project from my file. I saw github sample projects, such as barcode scanner and image picker.

Those are using Library projects. But I found image picker doesn't include AndroidManifest.xml, it only has two java files in src folder and res folder in library project. 

I want to know what kind of changes need to be done in third party native android project? Which things to be included, which to be removed from native android project if I want to use it in my own cordova plugin?

I am very new to cordova and have basic knowledge in android. If possible, I want the detail explanation and examples of communicating between third party native android project and

Any help is very appreciated. Thank you. 



Our Cordova Extension does not support our Plugins API at the moment. So if you want to make use of our Plugins API, you'd need to work with Native or JS API. If you have standard Corodva questions, which are not releated to the implementation with our Extension or our APIs, please refer to Cordova support channels.


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