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Large 3D Image Recognition

Large 3D Image Recognition

Is Wikitude able to capture large 3D objects?  For instance, If I wanted to capture a vehicle (car, tractor, etc) then display augmented reality on top of the 3d object.  All of the examples I have seen the user has been scanning 2D posters or advertisements.  I am looking to work with 3D objects.


Thanks for any help!

Hi thx for reaching out to us.

Our 3d tracking sdk will mainly focus on small scale indoor environments where a user wants to augment a small scene or object. 

The use case you are describing would require very specific algorithms tailored to your use case and therefore will not be part of our release.



Thanks for the reply.  

Is this the same with wikitude slam?  I have watched the video for the large scale outdoor environment and this looks like this could be capable of larger 3d objects.


Hi Collin,

Yes the video shows 'large scale' SLAM and it was a demo we did - but as Markus said, the upcoming release will only cover small scale 3D tracking.



So would it be feasible to use SLAM to be able to capture larger objects?  Or is Wikitude not the answer for this type of capture?


Our first beta will focus on small objects.


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