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Video Overlay not playing

Video Overlay not playing

So I recently started working with Wikitude studio, and my end goal is to have a video overlay play on top of the image. Now, I have properly converted the video format as said and i even used HandBrake but for some reason, when i put in the link into the program nothing plays and when I go to use it in the actual application on the phone, it just shows the thumbnail. I am aware that the problem could be with dropbox and how they stream their data, but overall, I just need a solution to this. Any help would be appreciated!


Can you please provide me with the complete AR experience or Studio short url (you can send it to forum, so we can test internally. If the video doesn't play as indicated a common reason is that you're not linking directly to the mp4 page. E.g. you can put it in your public Dropbox folder.

You can easily test this, if you enter the url to the video in a standard browser - the video needs to be played directly.


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