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MySQL Database Operation

MySQL Database Operation

hello Manish Kaushik 

can you provide me an example of using My SQL database ?



I have to make use of external datastorage.And for that purpose i am using MYSQL database. Please suggest me a way to do it.

Below is my way to do it though not succeeded:

I am creating a POST request from javascript file using jquery wrapper

var ajaxRequest= $.post( "insert.php", function(data) {

  alert( data );


  .fail(function() {

    alert( "error" );


  .always(function() {

    alert( "finished" );



and in php file i am doing simple operation to respond with a data as follow:


echo 'Hello';


Ideally this should  work and i should get "Hello" as the response. Please correct me if i am doing something wrong.

If you can suggest me a better way to perform database operation on mYSQL database from wikitude sdk that will be great.




Hi Manish!

Note that this forum focuses on AR related questions rather than JS/php/mySQL topics.

Please have a look at w3schools and other forums, like stackoverflow for that kind of questions.

Best regards,

Hello Andreas,


Thank you for replyig back.

Why i posted this thread here is not for understanding php/mysql/javascript operations. Let me reframe my question to give you more clarity about the issue.

In wikitude AR world i am creating a button using a image resource and the ImageDrawable method. And then i making it clickable. Within the onclick event i am trying to 

connect to a php server and do certain operation on mysql database. For that purpose i am using  following jquery methods  $.ajax,$.post,$.get. But this piece of code doesn't work here.

Most important point is that to make sure that code inside button click event is correct i have seperately created a webpage and there i am trying to do the same operation and it works very well.

I am not sure why these jquery methods are not getting triggered within the javascript file. I am attaching the javascript file and the php file for you to give me a feedback. Please have a look.

Hi again!

Please check the following:

* did you include the required jQuery files in your index.html
* did you configue your endpoint in a way that it allows Access-Control-Allow-Origin ?
* Debug the webView to highlight potential JS (syntax) errors - Android Guide, iOS Guide

Best regards
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