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Group overlapping POIs

Group overlapping POIs

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Hello Leo,

As Andreas already replied to you:

"Unfortunately dropbox's public folder hosting functionality was disabled in the meantime.
Please find referred sources at
Note that the sources are quite outdated but the clustering.js may still help.
Best regards"


Hi,  I'm having the same problem.

there is a lot of invalid links in those threads,

could not download clustering.js file.

Is there any solution?


Hi, how can I group and cluster overlapping POIs like here: ?

Thanks in advance


Please check these forums posts which deal with POI clustering:

I hope this helps. Greetings



I am checking these posts but I'm finding hard to understand all.

Does the clustering.js give a full implementation of these examples? I would like to have a counter of the POIs and expand the clusters on tap.




Yes with those threads and the details in the .js files you should be able to implement the clustering and display the POIs based on your requirements.


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