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Stop Tracking for current Marker to scan other Marker when SnapOnScreen On

Stop Tracking for current Marker to scan other Marker when SnapOnScreen On

I have multi markers in my app, and we need to use snapToScreen feature, So any marker's content will be snapped on screen after lost target.

Now, I need to make a close button for example, to stop/remove first marker's content from screen to can scan and show the second marker's content.

How can I stop/remove first content to scan second marker ? WITHOUT remove first marker from my trackable list, I need to SWITCH between markers.


Thank you,


Hope, you got the answer Heba Muhammed. 
If not, please let us know. I may help you in this regard

Thank you for reply

No, Still not get the answer. The only thing which I can do, stop snapping, so content will back to target's layout (normal layout on camera), then I can scan another target. But this doesn't work correctly yet.

If there any more good idea, please confirm me, that will be appreciated.

Thank you,


Hi there!

Easiest is to loop through your active trackable2dObjects and ensure

trackable2d.snapToScreen.enabled = false;


In addition you may extend your "trackable2d" with an onSnapToScreenDisabled() function and call this function in addition so you can e.g. pause a video when user pressed "Close" in snapToScreen mode of the VideoDrawable.


Hope that helps.

Kind regards,

Thank you Andreas, it's working.

But I noticed that sometimes it doesn't work, is there any reason for that ?

Thank you,

not sure what you mean by "sometimes it doesn't work", could you please clarify and describe the unexpected behaviour in more detail?

kind regards,

I run my app, and the first marker which i scanned was with 3D model content, this 3D content can't be stop snapping when I click on button.

After rebuild and run again, it worked correctly, that happened only TWICE, now I can't reproduce the issue again.

Do you know any reason for that ?

Thank you,


Hi Heba,

This indeed sounds weird. Please let me know if you encounter the same issue still end of this month using SDK 5.0 (available soon).

In case you are able to reproduce the issue, please fowd. instructions and world's source code to, referring to this forum post.

Thanks in advance.

Ok, Thank you Andreas.
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