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Exported WT3 doesn't work (App crashes)

Exported WT3 doesn't work (App crashes)


I have an FBX file and imported to 3D Encoder. Everything is ok; there is no log about warning or error. And i export it as wt3. Then i directly put this wt3 into sample 3d recodnition; but app crashes when i test.

Here're my 3d encoder tabs.





Please send us the .wt3 file, so we can test this internally.

Thx and greetings


Hi Nicola,

I have attached it.

Thanks for your kind and fast reply.


Thx for the .wt3 file. I confirm the crash of the SDK with this 3d model. 
Could you also send us the .fbx file, please? 
Would like to test the model converted with the new Wikitude3dEncoder.


Here's the .fbx file. I have used the latest version of 3D Encoder.


Could you test it? Can you share the progress about your tests?


Thanks for the fbx.

Exporting the fbx to wt3 with the (not yet released) Wikitude3dEncoder 1.2 didn't help. So, nothing new yet. 

This issue is scheduled for next week, after having shipped the SDK 5.0 release (which will not immediately remedy the problem with this 3d model). I will come back to you end of next week I guess. 


Thanks for your support; but I am waiting for your reply asap. And also i will try to create 3D models with another styles (bone styles, etc.).

Best wishes.

The problem with your 3d model is that its skin mesh contains a hierarchy of joint nodes, where the hiearchy does not show a single(!) root node. Instead the skin's graph of joint nodes consists of several trees with several joint root nodes. The rendering engine of the Wikitude SDK however assumes one skin (with a single joint nodes tree) per scene node.

We have extended the rendering engine to support such models. But its experimental yet. It will be available to you in the next developer channel release of the SDK 5.0 issued next Monday (maybe earlier). 

Alternatively you could edit your model to contain only one mesh skin per scene node. Such a model would render without problems.

Okay. Thanks for your support.

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