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Credit Card Details/augmentation

Credit Card Details/augmentation

Hi Ramesh,

Were you able to scan the credit card and overlay information using wikitude AR?

If you can please help me out as I am also trying similar use case.


never mind.Got it.I was looking for it in native sdk but it was present in javascript sdk.



hi nicola/team,

I went through the setup guide for setting wikitudesdk in eclipse a couple of times but could not find wikitude.jar under downloads.

I even unzipped the aar file but i am not sure if thats the jar file being referred in the documentation.

Can you let me know if i am missing something here for the setup?




Thanks for the quick reply nicola

Hi Ramesh,

You can have a look at our Plugins API which allows you to integrate thirdparty tech with the Wikitue SDK (e.g. OCR, face dection, etc.) Our partners from Anyline (who developed an OCR plugin for our SDK) are right ones to check, as they have also an showcase dealing with your described use case.



Hi Team,

Is it possible to get bank details of a credit card using wikitude sdk.

My purpose is to

1)use a credit card scanner app to capture image having credit card number.

and then

2)use wikitude to display all contents related to that credit card account.


Thanks in advance,

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