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Unstable extended tracking wikitude sdk 5.0

Unstable extended tracking wikitude sdk 5.0

Hi Wikitude Team,

I'm working with cloud recognition and wt3 loading on target recognition with wikitude sdk 4. I've tried wikitude sdk 5 with 'extended tracking' function and the loaded model is more unstable than the loaded model with wikitude sdk 4. For 'unstable' I mean the  gittering and I've seen that there is not a great difference between extended tracking function and to not call the onExitFiedOfVision . 

World.modelTrackable = new AR.Trackable2DObject(World.tracker,,
snapToScreen: {
snapContainer: document.getElementById('snapContainer')
enableExtendedTracking: true


Thanks and regards,
Francesco Stranieri

Any luck with this? I'm having a similar issue in that enableExtendedTracking seems to have zero impact.

Hi Jack,

We'll currently working on our official SDK 5 release which will include of course improvements of the exteded tracking feature. Please always keep in mind that with exteded tracking once leaving the target image, the surrounding needs to be tracked and therefor you'll also need to consider the tacking quality of the surrounding. Image you have printed the target image and put it on white wall - there are no significant feature points found on the white wall, so it won't track.

I hope this helps. Greetings


Hi Nicola,

thanks for the answer. I tried wikitude 5 stable with the same code and I've got the same result. Have You any idea to solve this problem? Thank You.


Thanks and regards,
Francesco Stranieri


We're working on improvements. But can you please send me a video of the behaviour. Also please send along the AR experience (html, js files, css, assets), so we can try with your experience.

Thx and greetings


Hi Nicola,

Even with my tracking quality good, my 3d models are vanishing and shaking a lot.

On my only successfull experiment with extended tracking I need to move sloooowly and very carefully so the model keeps displaying.

Also about what you said about white wall, in your Promo Video is showing another thing.

I'm using the Cordova plugin. Is that a difference from using the natives SDK or the Cordova Plugin for Extended Tracking?

Thanks! Looking forward to a new version of Wikitude :)



Hi Macilio,

We're contanstly improving our algorithms - so also the exteded tracking will improve. The surrounding you're tracking must have enough feature points, so that it tracks well (e.g. if you scan something in front of a white wall, it won't work and flicker).

So please make sure that the surrounding has enough structure.


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