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Views of Project vs scans of target images?

Hi, Is anyone able to explain the difference between the views of a project vs the scans of the target images in the reporting screen? For instance I have a project which shows 36 views  over the last two days, but when I go to the Project Report I see that there have been 69 scans in the corresponding period. Does the diffeence represent reconnects or partial views?
Another quick question; is there any way, other than using the SDK to mine deeper data such as the type of device used or the location etc? 

thanks very much,

Hi Nicola

Question No. 1 The below limit applies to Single Target image or All target images in one project? We have 25-Target Images, which will be used by atleast once a day by 50,000 users. So do we need cloud recognition commercial license? Actually we didn't undertand the below statement.

1,000,000 scan calls to the cloud service per month in each commercial license

Question No. 2 Is there any no of users/download restriction? We have Pro+ SDK with 25-Target Image plus No Cloud Recognition at this point.




Here is an overview of th different Studio reports:

Views - are the project views as such (so once someone opens a project)
Scans - number of successful scans of target images (in the project section this is listed per target image)
Clicks - Clicks on specific augmentations (in the project section this is listed per augmentation)

So in your description, the AR experience was opened 36 times and a target image was successfully scanned 69 times.

No, you'd need the SDK when you want to customize the reporting. As this has to be implemented by you.


Views of Project vs scans of target images?
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