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Requesting places from web-service

Requesting places from web-service

Okay i have be edditing the example app and learning on how to use wikitude POI(6.1).

In this case i have used few links of json data pretty much the same but just different order. However, i think order does not matter 
1st link -->POIDATA_SERVER:   

2nd link -->POIDATA_SERVER: 

to view online

Those which doesnt work give me an error of  (REQUESTING PLACES FROM WEB-SERVICE) is this suppose to happen or do i have to give it more time to load, but the data has only 3 items in it

The 1st is ordered properly similar to the example

this doesn't make sense from what i know

var singlePoi = {


"latitude": parseFloat(poiData.latitude),

"longitude": parseFloat(poiData.longitude),

"altitude": parseFloat(poiData.altitude),


"description": poiData.description


each of them is requesting a data from an object which is then in turn created a marker.


Not sure if I got you right, but in case you're having troubles in receiving JSON data in JS please
* first create a JS sample that just requests your data and test it in your desktop browser
* when using your POI-data-server try debugging your webview to see if syntax error or permission issues occurred

Best regards
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