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Fullscreen video: onFinished-Event?

Fullscreen video: onFinished-Event?

Hi all,


is there a possibility to detect if a fullscreen video is finished or closed? (AR Experience with HTML technologies)



Hi there!


Fullscreen videos run in a separate screen by default.
If you need a custom implementation you can e.g.

* use architectsdk-protocol to communicate between JS and your native app (compare native detail screen sample)
* show a fullscreen video layout on top of the AR scene by your own and intercept the native videoplayer events to then forward them to JS via arhcitectView's callJavaScript (compare Retrieving POI data from application model)

Hope that helps

Best regards,


I forgot to say that I want to use the Wikitude App and not an own app.

I'm sorry.

In that case:
Nope, content/experiences published in the Wikitude app come with plain native features without any urlListener-customizations or other native hooks.
If you want anything more you need to use your own application using the Wikitude SDK.

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