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Voice API

Voice API


I search a voice API in wikitude.

Can you help me




I's say

is worth a try. It offers you speech to text on native iOS / Android.
You may then use Wikitude's callJavaScript to e.g. forward recognized voice commands to the AR scene.

Kind regards,

Thanks Andreas for you request.

API of voice it's Dragon?

in the android i find the google voice search. it's the same of dragon?

Can you give me somes examples codes of reconizer in android, Wikitude?

I don't very undrstand this API and how it's with android and wikitude.





Hi there!

It's been a while.... Back then you were able to configure it in a way that it targets short or longer sentences but still always had to transfer recorded voice to their server to get a list of "likely recognized phrases" back.
I hope you understand that we can't give support of Nuance Dragon API in our forum.

Please have a look at nuance developer page or check out stackoverflow.

Once you have nuance dragon running you can inject the phrases via JS, just as in Wikitude Sample "Retrieve POI data from Application Model". I recommend pass over all "speech-to-text"-results to JS and then search for special commands, e.g. "Exit" or "Launch". It is quite challenging to define proper comman set but I recommend you to handle them in JS so you can use code for iOS and Android.

Best regards,
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