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3D Model Jumping and Spining Around

3D Model Jumping and Spining Around

Hi Nicola!

Actually I kept trying different Target images and addes several more items on my AR proyect and it's fixed.

Thanks anyway. Sorry for the trouble

Hi Jasson,

Can you please send over the following:

- .wt3 file of youe 3D model

- target image

- short video showing the behaiour on your device.



Hello there!

I'm interested in selling AR and made a sample for a client. BUT the 3D model I made seems to JUMP around and SPIN like crazy.

Though it's funny to see it twirl and dance I ned it to stay put and look awesome. Now I made a Tracking Image that has 3 stars rating.

my model looks great on C4D and Wikitude 3D encoder. Any ideas? I'm using an LG L7X. If I can get it working I can probably work

with Wikitude since I like it's price and is very awesome.


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