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Commercial license not valid on SDK version changed

Commercial license not valid on SDK version changed


is a commercial license key still valid when updating the associated Wikitude SDK to a major version? We bought a commercial license associated with Wikitude 2, and now we are trying now to migrate to Wikitude 3.3.2, since this version solves a major issue with OpenSSL violation that is now required by Google to publish an app on Play Store - our app will be removed otherwise.

We're using the Titanium Module (but this shouldn't affect licenses), and when updating to 3.0 the camera view shows watermark (as in trial version).



Hi Alessandro,

If you wish to update from version 2 of the SDK to a newer one, you'd need to purchase our Lite SDK upgrade package or the PRO upgrade package. With this you'll get our current SDK license 4.

I hope this helps. Greetings

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