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Centering a 3D Model in Viewport

Centering a 3D Model in Viewport


    My name is Steve Van Etten and I'm a web developer currently evaluating this software to see if it can do what we need it to do. Ideally, I want to be able to project a 3D model in the iPad screen that stays in the center of the viewport no matter where the user turns (and have the model's size accurately change as the user moves forwards and backwards to and away from it). The goal of the app I'm trying to build is one in which we project a 3D model of a rather large medical device, and we need to show it at actual size, exactly how it would sit in a room. The idea is that the user would get a realistic picture of whether or not this device would fit in their office. I've tried a variety of techniques using your API, including setting AR.RelativeLocation(null, 0, 0, 0) as the location for a GeoObject and I've tried to use the AR.context.onLocationChanged callback function to update the RelativeLocation variables, but I'm not getting anywhere.

  So, again all I want to do is project the 3D model in the center of the viewport no matter where the user turns with the iPad and I am having a lot of trouble with this. The snapToScreen functionality will not work in this application, since the model is too large (its roughly 6 feet tall in reality and as a 3D object). -- Steve

Hi Steve,

thanks for your detailed question and description of your use-case. This helps us tremendously understanding your needs better. My solution to this would be using Extended Tracking, which will come as a feature by end of July with Wikitude SDK 5. This would require to use a target image as a starting point (e.g. putting that on the floor). The special thing with Extended Tracking is that the user will be able to continue to see your 3D model even if she lost the initial image. Would that be an viable solution for you?

Hi Phillipp,

  Yes, this is exactly what we were trying to acheive. The whole concept of Extended Tracking is the ideal solution for us, especially with being able to place a target object on the floor. After lots of trial and error testing, it became obvious to me that I wasn't going to be able to use RelativeLocation and GeoObjects for what I was trying to do. Please keep us posted and let us know as soon as Extended Tracking is added to the API. We'd like to start experimenting with that as soon as possible, as we are hoping that what we're working on becomes a prototype / pilot program for us. Thanks for your quick reply to my inquiry -- Steve

HI Phillipp,

  Just following up on our chat from a few weeks ago regarding the addition of an Extended Tracking feature to the Wikitude SDK. I know at that point, when we were first discussing the topic, you had said that the new SDK 5 would be out some time in July. Is that still going to be the case for sure? Do you have any more of a definitive date for the SDK 5 release. We have a project that we are quite eager to use Wikitude for, but Extended Tracking is a must for the application. Thanks -- Steve

Hi Steve,

Yes the plan is still to have the version out by the end of July. I added you to my list of people to inform when we have something.

Should you need anything further, just let me know anytime.



Hi Nicola,

   OK, well let us know as soon as possible and we'll go ahead and purchase the software. Please let us know if there is even a beta version of the SDK available for us to start experimenting with. Thanks -- Steve

Hi Nicola,

  I just downloaded the Wikitude SDK 5.0 Beta so that I could evaluate the newly added Extended Tracking feature, and I was surprised to find that the example that came along with the download (1_ClientRecognition_3_ExtendedTracking) does not appear to be working. It simply appears to work like the old Trackable2DObject with the 'enableExtendedTracking' option seeming to have no effect at all. In the example app that goes along with the SDK 5.0 download, the pipes 3D model (pipes.wt3) just disappears as soon as the iPad loses track of the image. Am I doing something wrong or is this feature just not actually working?  For the record, I had previously downloaded the old SDK several months ago... do I need to delete / remove that from my machine? Is it possible that the example app is still using the old SDK? Thanks -- Steve

Hi Steve,
If the example application shows the extended tracking, it should use the latest sdk version. You can verify that be logging the sdk version number (+sdkVersion).
Have you downloaded the Wikitude SDK 5.0 after the weekend? We updated the extended tracking sample with a new target and augmentation definiton (different scale & position).

Anyhow, we're currently working day and night to improve the extended tracking quality and will release a new beta update withing the next days.

Best regards

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