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How to use ARLink

How to use ARLink

Hello everybody,

I try to open wikitude via ARLink from a mobile webpage, but it doesn't work.

Is this the right syntax for the link? I also tried it with the link of the wikitude documentation:

With the same result. On iOS 8.3 Safari, Wikitude opened / closed (last version, installed yesterday), I get a nearly empty page with the text ARLink. Rest is empty.

On android (samsung S4 mini) 4.4.2 I am relinked to the app store, altough wikitude (also latest version) is installed. But it's not the Google Play Store app what is linked, but the google play store in the browser, so that I have to login.


Tried different syntaxes of the link and different developer keys also:


My questions are:

Is the arlink concept working and how can I use it, to link from a mobile webpage directly to wikitude and my ARchitect world?


Thanks in advance



Hi Torsten,

I apologize for the old documentation page you have found!

ARLink project has been part of a nice growth and it has been integrated in Wikitude Studio.

Consequently, has been depcrated in favor of .

I would suggest you to have a look at section "Export Project" on the following page for more details: Wikitude Studio - Export Project.

Thanks for your interest in Wikitude!



Hi Simone,


thanks for your answer. I used the online tool "Publish to wikitude" and my channel is published. But I don't see a way to define or see the searchcode for this channel, so I can't create a direct link to it with the new syntax

How can I see the searchcode (or define) of my channel if I don't use wikitude studio to publish it?


Best regards,



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