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Native Android App development using Wikitude SDK

Native Android App development using Wikitude SDK


I am native android app developer, how can I develop AR app using wikitude sdk, without using any of thses HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 




Hi Prashant,

As the AR experience has to be developed using HTML, JS and CSS there is no posibility to develop without the use of these.



Hi Nicola,

Thanx for reply, I wanted to know that what are the possibilties(on native api front for android platform) with wikitude sdk 5.0 which is planned to be released in july 2015.




Hi Prashant,

the Native API for Android will allow you to integrate computer vision features into your app. This means you can load tracker files, receive information for recognized images. Additionally you can work with custom plugins, if you like. The Native API will not contain any rendering of augmented reality features (like video or any other overlays).

Hope that helps.


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