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3D model always loads broken when app becomes active again

3D model always loads broken when app becomes active again



When using 3D Drawables with image recognition I always destroy the model when camera view is taken away from target image. If I do not destroy the model then if application is taken to background/minimized and then became active again 3D model will always appear broken. And it is consistent with any 3D model I tried. Destroying 3D model inside of onExitFieldOfVision function helps to fix the problem. 


However I am not sure how to destroy 3D models when they are used with GeoObject. When loaded for the first time 3D model always appears properly. If Application is taken to background and then became active again 3D model loads up broken. Please advise me how do I fix this issue? 


Checking if model is not destroyed and then destroying it does not help: 


var m;











  m = new AR.Model("<URL TO WTC FILE HERE>",


  scale: {

                                x: 0.020,

                                y: 0.020,

                                z: 0.020


onLoaded: function modelLoadedLoaded() { = false;

     AR.hardware.sensors.enabled = false;


  var location1 =   new AR.RelativeLocation(null, 7, 0,-1); 

    var geoObject1 = new AR.GeoObject(location1, {

       drawables: {







Hi Sergey,
Sorry for my late response. We're busy preparing our next SDK release. The next release contains a major overhaul of our 3D rendering so we will definetly have a look at your described scenario.

For now I guess I can't give you any particular advice. Does it also happen with the car 3D model that is part of our example application? Are you using any extension like PhoneGap/Titanium or Xamarin?

Best regards


Andreas, thank you for your message. 

Yes, it happens to the 3D Model of a red car that comes with Wikitude examples. I have tried up to 20 different 3D models and every single one of the breaks unless destroyed before application goes to background. But there is no way I can find to distroy the model when it is being desplayed on the screen and user takes application to background. I tried using application native lifecycle methods to call javascript and destroy the model just before application is taken to background but it does not help. 

I do not use PhoneGap/Titanium. I use native iOS and android SDKs and I use WIkitude Javascript API to create Architect World and 3D models. 

Hope it helps you. 


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