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No value for ARchitectWorlURL

No value for ARchitectWorlURL

Hi Miguel,

your code is not from the current plugin version, but from the Wikitude 4.0 release. If you are using this with the current Wikitude SDK it can't work.

If you are using 4.0 by mistake please follow the guide "how to get started quickly" to set up the example app here or download the plugin from github (branch master) here

Also is there a reason why you call the cordova.exec directly and not use the plugin?

Thank you and best regards,

I was able to integrate the new version of the Cordova Plugin. However, I am not able to load an AR World. Based on the new documentation, this is my code snippet for loading AR Experience.

cordova.exec(app.onArchitectWorldLaunched, app.onArchitectWorldFailedLaunching, "WikitudePlugin", "open", );

On my onArchitectWorldFailedLaunching callback, the error shown is:

Error: No value for ARchitectWorldURL.

However, the path is very valid. (see attachment).

Is there something I missed from the documentation? Thanks.

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