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Errors trying to startup the Wikitude examples

Errors trying to startup the Wikitude examples

Hi Tai,

you are right the shell script will not run on Windows. 

I'm not sure why you get the errors if you use our latest plugin version. Did you use this command "cordova plugin add" to add the plugin? Also when did you download the plugin? The new version was released 9 days ago.

The icons you mentioned do not go into the www folder. Our script will copy them to the platform specific resources folders, but you don't need those icons necessarily.

Thank you and best regards,

PS.: Don't worry about your english, I understand you just fine, and my mother tongue isn't english either. :-)

Errata : I understand now that the sh refers to the PGap CLI shell, sorry...

Hello Simon,

Thank you for your answer, but I don't understand as Wikitude 4.1.0 is the last version and I'm getting it directly from the Phonegap CLI. I took the examples sample, but installed it manually to become familiar with the platform ; I cannot use the script to deploy the samples as I'm using Windows and a .sh will not run, or maybe I don't understand where to run it, but in a CMD console it will not run...

Another question, if I follow the instructions from here :

There is a folder "/icons"in the app sample .zip but there is no instructions where to copy it... do I have to copy it to /www folder in the PGap project too ?

Thank you

PS : sorry, my mothertongue is the French

Hi X,

as already mentioned in this thread, the old Wikitude plugin doesn't work anymore with Cordova 5. We already released a new version which you can download from github

But since you are new to Cordova I highly recommend you follow the getting started quickly guide from our documentation. You will end up with a fully working sample project. ( Please note that you will need to download Android Studio to open the project without the need to adapt it. ( I'll post the setup guide I recommend below.

Automatic Setup of Sample App

Download the binary of the Sample App from GitHub

Unzip the binary file (

Open the console and change to the directory where you unzipped the binary

In the console run the script. Use the -d flag to specify where the Sample App should be created. The-ios and -android flags control which platform should be compiled after creating the app.

$ ./ -d ~/Path/Where/The/App/Should/Be/Created -ios true -android true


This may take a while (more than one minute) without any update message in the command line, depending on how fast the plugin is cloned from GitHub and downloaded (more than 30MB)

The script might run for some minutes without feedback as it is downloading more than 30MB from GitHub. It will finish with the following success message:


$ *** DONE - SUCCESS ***

Open the project in Xcode (iOS) or Android Studio (Android) and run it on your device.



Thank you and best regards,


I'm very new to Phonegap, but managed to run on my Galaxy S5 the Hello World example as well as deploying the android emulator. I have the same problem at build time with :

Using IDE Eclipse Luna SR2 (4.4.2) with ADT plugin

Phonegap -v > 5.0.0-0.27.1

Phonegap plugin list > 

com.wikitude.phonegap.WikitudePlugin 4.1.0 "Augmented Reality - Wikitude SDK Plugin"

cordova-plugin-whitelist 1.0.0 "Whitelist"


---- errors


Description Resource Path Location Type

The method getView() is undefined for the type CordovaWebView /id.vr1820/src/com/wikitude/phonegap line 756 Java Problem

Description Resource Path Location Type

The method handleResume(boolean, boolean) in the type CordovaWebView is not applicable for the arguments (boolean) /id.vr1820/src/com/wikitude/phonegap line 771 Java Problem



I'm stuck to run the AR examples...

Hi Daniel,

The Logo, startscreen and the Trial watermark are part of the trial SDK license and will be removed with our commercial licenses. You can find more details on the licenses in our store

If you need a demo license of any sort, please contact sales with details.



Thanks for your answer Simon.

Finally I managed to run the examples, but I had to downgrade all my elements (phonegap, cordova, android), and configure several PATH elements, in order to run the examples.

One thing I found when I was able to run it was that the examples had a loader logo, plus a wikitude icon (which is ok) and tons of "Trial" that almost made impossible to see what was happening there.

My question is: I'm building a PoC (Proof of concept) in order to show wikitude capabilities to a customer but all those "TRIAL" wouldn't allow the customer to evaluate this PoC. Is there any possibility to remove all those "TRIAL" messages?


Hi Daniel,

version Cordova 5.0 which was just released introduced a lot of changes to the Android API.

I'm looking into the errors right now, and will update you when I know more.

Please also note that since Cordova 5 Eclipse is deprecated for Android development as they switched to Android Studio.

Thank you and best regards,

Hi everybody!

I'm trying to evaluate wikitude using the sample application, but I'm not being able to run it. After several tries I've managed to get till this error:

phonegap/ error: cannot find symbol



When I try to import the project into eclipse, I get this error (among 130 more) 

CallbackContext cannot be resolved to a type


In other attemps using Netbeans, I've managed to get the app running in my mobile, but no AR is happening as I just get the index started but no button (link) is working.

I've followed all the step by step guides and I'm stuck here. Any help is welcome.

I don't know if this helps but I have the following versions:

phonegap -v 5.0.0-0.27.0
cordova -v 5.0.0


Best Regards,


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