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License key not working

License key not working

Good morning,


I have bought a license key last year and when I started working on this android application I was using old SKD version.

Today I resumed the project and updated the last Wikitude SDK (4.1.1) and I'm experiencing issues with the license key.

I still can see the watermark and the animation when I launch the ARWorld. I have browsed the forum looking for an answer, yet I'm still in the dark.

I checked the bundle ID of my application and is the very same of the one I have registrered, I got it directly from the mail you sent me with the key.

Could it be that updating the SDK somehow I invalidated the license?

There is a method to check programmatically if the license key has been recognized and matches with the package name? I tried debugging and the architect view is correctly created.


Thank you,


Hi Giulia,

Can you please send me further details on your bundle id, so I can check for which version it was orignially created. If you e.g. have a license key for the SDK version 3.x and now you're working with 4.x then you'll need to upgrade the license key.

Please send the details to

Thx and greetings

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