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google cardboard

google cardboard

Hi Sebastian,

you are right, withVuforia I could build the app that I wanted. I guess I'll have to wait until we get an Epson Moverio. By the way it seems that in october there will be a new version (BT-300).

Does anybody know, if wikitude runs on the Meta glasses? I couldn't find it in the hardware list. I've heard that there should be a version 2 as this year, with the biggest available FOV...




Hi Sebastian,
Currently we don't support Google Cardboard.

Best regards



Can the augmented reality scenario be viewed through the use of google cardboard ?

We don`t support Google cardboard yet, the augmented reality view on such devices would require two cameras, otherwise only the augmentation would be 3d.

Currently, the only supported device with a stereoscopic view model is the Epson Moverio BT-200.

I am interested in such an application as well. The Zeiss VR One AR-App uses only the one camera from the smartphone, yet their (3d) rendered models look quite nice. Furthermore there are two mobile phones that have stereoscopic cameras (htc evo 3d and lg optimus 3d), they are not the newest ones, but they are even able to render the content 3d without glasses.

Is it still possible to integrate with Google Cardboard? Vuforia seems to support Cardboard integration despite most mobile devices not having a stereoscopic view model.
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