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BarCode method ?

BarCode method ?

The interface comes with the next release of Wikitude SDK, which is scheduled for end of July to be released. This will allow you to use ZXING as a plugin. 

Thanks for you suggest the Zxing bar code, it's really good.

But does the SDK has a interface for adding a bar code generator and bar code scanner?

Thank's a lot.


Our SDK is not optimized to work with bar codes (it's optimized to work with real images) If you need to work with bar codes, then the best option is to have a look at a bar code scanner (e.g. zxing)

I hope this helps. Greetings


Hello, i'am an AR beginner and i have a project that i want to do, how can i get a barcode, there is a class that contain methods that can do that or there are steps to do?

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