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App samples not "working"

App samples not "working"

Hi everybody,

Sorry for this thread, it might sounds a little bit stupid, but we are currently trying to make the sample app working. We created the app with phonegap and run it on our android phone, but when we are trying the different examples (client recognition with the surfer for example), nothing is happening. There is no error in the console log. Also, we have some "weird" behavior while trying the different options we have (most of them are not working though); If we try the solar system (IR), we got an "Animate" button appearing on the screen, bot nothing happens when we click on it; For the Video drawable, we can hear the sound of the video after we scan the surfer but we cannot see anything on the screen.

Any ideas where theses issues could come from ?


Hi, have you set up a license key in the sample application?

No I haven't. Where can I can find the information about this ?


Edit: I just found the link in the documentation... Thanks for your answer, I'll have a look ! 

Hi, did the examples work ?


What issue do you have with the sample app?



Hello, the "Poi" samples does not show the markers, it show message wich indicate to re-calibrate the compass like the figure8, i wave it like the "figure 8" but nothing is displayed.


Do the other samples work as expected? If not, did you enter the trial key in the sample app? Are the POIs loaded properly - you can check this via the 'i' button in the bottom middle of the AR view. When you click it, it shows you how many POIs are loaded.

Basically if

-you follow the set-up guide and read the documentation
-you entered a license key,
-you are able to build the sample app without any errors,
-you are testing with a supported device, which has the needed sensors,

the POIs should show up as expected. So please recheck that your set-up and testing environment is as expected.

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