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Phonegap and Wikitude

Phonegap and Wikitude

Good Day Everyone. I am new to wikitude and phonegap.I have done a working app, using phonegap to compile everything and I would like the Augmented Reality to come up when a button is pressed in the app. I made the Augmented Reality already and trying to embed it. I am using html5, jquery and brackets, as the text editor.

Here are 3 links to download all my files (the app files, the android .apk and the wikitude). I have been trying for some days now and any help would be appreciated.

Please have a look at the Wikitude PhoneGap Sample Application.
It already demoes exactly what you need.

Kind regards,


PS.: Please do not post links to apks in the forum but instead use snippets or affected files to describe your issue

I tried that in the begining but my problem was, when I click any of the tabs, nothing happens as well as if I go in SampleAppResourcesworld, an test one of the folders there and .zip it, it just shows a loading sign.

Hello, I have the same problem. Just to explain a little more, I have uploaded de zip entirely from to PhoneGap Build, and just get Loading... on Android, what is wrong ?
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