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One image cloud Api

One image cloud Api


I am a newbie and building an app for iOS, I have tested the AR stuff using Studio and it works nicely.

Whereas my next target is to recognize content from a single image.

My question is as follows:

1) If there is any starter help as of Studio then please provide its link.

2) How a target collection is created? Is it thru API or can it be done in some other way as of Studio.

3) Is it related to ?

4) It doesnt matter what targetImageurl I provide to cloudAPI I always get the same response encapsulated in wtc key.


Here are the details to your questions:

1) Please have a look at the Studio help page

2) Studio takes care of generating the target collection internally. If you're not working with Studio, you can have a look at our Targets API, RESTful API, that allows users to automate digital image conversions into target collections which can later easily be used within the Wikitude SDK.

3) The Publish in Wiktiude tool is only needed if you want to publish your content to the Wikitude app - if you intend to develop your own application then you don't need this tool.

4) If you have any troubles with the Targets API and the response, please provide us with furhter details on the issue your facing.


well my question is, can I do object recognition without using AR feature... to simply it a little more:

I want to send a request containing my target image and wikitude server will recognize the image and return the specific results.

Is it doable ?


We're currently finalizing our cloud recognition solution which will allow the use case mentioned by you, where the recognition part is done by the Wikitude server. I've added you to the list of parters to inform once this solution is launched.

I hope this helps. Should you need anything further, just let me know anytime.



Can this be done offline ?

If you want to work offline then you don't need to an image that should be recognized to a server. So if you want to work offline you can work with current (client-side) SDK which allows you to work completely offline.

The cloud recognition does not work offline, as the images need to be sent to the Wikitude server.



but lets say in my app which is using wikitudesdk; I point my camera to a certain pdf page and press the take photo button

and on the press button action ask the wikitude sdk to recognize the image. Is it possible or AR is the only solution  ?


Yes - if you want to work offline and have the wikitude SDK integrated in your app this is totally possible. The best way to start is to check out the sample app which comes with the SDK download package together with the respective documentation section.

Each section includes a set-up guide, which helps you set up your project.


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