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RE: Remove existing marker from AR view

RE: Remove existing marker from AR view

Hi there! Yes of course there is. According to our documentation of the GeoObject you can either disable them with the "enable" property of the GeoObject or destroying them and remove them from the ARView completely. Of course you can always create a new GeoObject that will be added to the ARView.

Hope that helps,


Hi Markus,

Thanks for the quick reply. Basically i am using wikitude in an android project. For instane if i have a list of markers in loadworld.js say 

// list of AR.GeoObjects that are currently shown in the scene / World



Now if we want to delete the markers present in this list, then the code will be something like this :- 


 for(var i = 0; i < World.markerList.length; i++){

        // First way


       // or this Second way :- 




Will the above mentioned code will destroy all the markers in the arview or i need to do something else? Please point me to right direction.

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