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Android Wikitude(Wikitude GmbH) stopped working

Android Wikitude(Wikitude GmbH) stopped working

Iam developing AR phonegap project.To test it I have download wikitude from playstore .But wikitude(Wikitude GmbH)  doesn't work.It gives "Camera hardware not accessible" error

Please tell me a way of resolving this or other way to test and run my phonegap app in real device.It's an eargent .

I guess you're also not able to open native camera application.
This usually happens when another application did not release camera properly.

Restarting the device should solve the issue.

Kind regards,

I have restart the device and check my native camera application.Then it works properly.But when I try to open wikitude it gives the same error and after I try to open the wikitude my native camera application is also stop working.

Hi again!

Could you please also test on other devices, summarize your findings and send

Device Model

OS Version (e.g. Official Android 4.4.4 or Custom ROM ...)

Country of Purchase

android (at) wikitude (dot) com

We will check for potential compatibility issues to hopefully solve the problem in upcoming application update.

Kind regards,

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