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custom URL scheme in Wikitude Studio?

custom URL scheme in Wikitude Studio?

Hi Paolo,

Thanks for raising that point. Currently, it is not possible to use any custom protocols in Studio.

We will add this to our feature/bugfix list, you should see this fix in the upcoming releases of Wikitude Studio.

Best regards,


Hello guys.

I am trying to use a custom URL Scheme in WStudio to intercept the call in my iOS app. When exported, the project prepends "http://" to the assigned url, like "url":"http://architectsdk://testMethod?parameter1=foo&parameter2=bar".

I have edited out the "http://" part but still the button when clicked opens a blank page and no invokedURL: method gets called in my app (Delegate set correctly).

Is there a way to make this work?

Thank a lot,


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