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Problems with samples

Problems with samples

Hi all,


I've downloaded the component for Xamarin and the samples at Github.

I used my trial key to build the samples for Android and iOS.

To iOS, everything build ok, without error, but it simply doesn't works. I point the cell with the correcto option selected to the sample images and nothing occurs.

To Android... "The type or namespace name 'ArchitectView' could not be found..."

Can someone help me?



Cesar Vilarim

Hi Cesar,
iOS: Can you please varify that the path to the ARchitect World is correct? You need to take care with relative paths for Worlds that are bundled with your application. Loading an ARchitect World from a server might be also a debug option. Otherwise you can enable Web Inspector on your iOS device and use Safari to see if the web view can handle the load request. You could also impl. the ArchitectViewDelegate and check if any error is reported during the loading process.

Android: We had a similar question a few weeks ago, maybe you wanna try this solution:


Best regards

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