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Model 3D Black

Model 3D Black

Hello, I have a simple 3D model.  It displays correctly in the Wikitude 3D Encoder, and on Android devices, but on the iOS devices the object shows up completely black.


The issue is who shows in the console on xCode is: bind -- Warning: Material parameter 'u_specularColor' not found in effect 'shaders/textured-unlit.vert;shaders/textured-unlit.frag;'.


What I need to do?


Thanks great Week.



IMG:018.PNG (iOS), Captura...(Wikitude 3D Encoder) and  sc1.png(Android)

Add some light source to your original fbx/dae model and encode it again. Then the model should also look better. I suggest ambient light (some global light source) and a directional light.
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