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Target image and mapping video both are store on cloud.

Target image and mapping video both are store on cloud.

Hello Wikitude Team! 


I have notice wikitude sdk working base on .wtc  and video.js file.


is it possible target image and mapping video both are store on cloud.

now we have internet connection on device and we scan the target image then play video from cloud base on target.


is it possiable ?

if yes then say me how is it work ?


Best Regard,


Hi there!

In order to scan a target image you need to have a wtc file of the target. However you can host the .wtc-file somewhere in the cloud (e.g. dropbox, google drive) and reference it using the public url to it. For that matter you can change the possible images to scan without having to update the application. Also videos that you want to display can reside somewhere on a server and don't need to be locally on a device.

Hope that helps,


Hi Markus,

Thank you so much for feedback.

please can you say me, how to get .wtc file from dropbox?


As mentioned in the documentation of our SDK you can directly set the url of a file as input to the Tracker-class in the API like:

// a Tracker referencing a target collection on a server
var tracker1 = new AR.Tracker("" , {
onDisabled : function(){
//tracker has been disabled by the system


In order to get a public url of the files you have stored in dropbox, please refer to the Dropbox documentation for further details. You can then use this url in the above mentioned API call.

hope that helps,

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