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Wikitude 3d encoder crashes on opening .dae

Wikitude 3d encoder crashes on opening .dae

Yes,I guess it was the size of the file that was the hurdle.I imported the sketchup file in blender and then export from blender.The new exported file worked absolutely fine.

Thank you.:)

As mentioned in our documentation we recommend using FBX wherever possible as tools support for FBX is widely available. Furthermore Collada allows to include customized attributes that might not be understood by the Wikitude 3D Encoder.

If you are using sketchup try to import the dae file into blender, export it from blender again and load it into the Wikitude 3D Encoder. That might work - depends on the exported file. Every Collada exporter works different and a lot of them export custom information to the dae file which makes it difficult to support each tool.

I created a 3d model in sketchup and exported the object in .dae format.When i try to import it in wikitude 3d encoder,the application crashes.

Kindly provide solution to it.
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