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Augmenting Several Targets simultaneously

Augmenting Several Targets simultaneously


There is no date available yet, when this will be included in the SDK.



Hi Nicola Radacher, when this feature?


Hi everbody,

is there a way to augmenting several targets simultaneously?

I have serveral targets with some augmentations.

With the camera focusing each target individually everything works just fine and the augmentenations for that target are shown.

But when the camara has focus on serveral targets nothing is shown!?

I'd like to show all augmentations for all targets in the field of view.


Thanks in advance!

Hi Pascal,

Our SDK is currently only capable of single-target recogntion. So even if you have multiple of your target images in view of the app, only 1 will be recognized. We have this feature already on our feature list - I'll keep you posted when we have this feature.

Should you need anything further, just let me know anytime. Greetings


Hi Nicola,

thanks for your response, good to know.

We are looking forward to that feature



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